Best Studio Headphones For Mixing 2023

Studio headphones are a must-have for any musician, producer, or audio engineer. In order to get the best sound possible, it’s important to find a pair of studio headphones that will give you an accurate representation of your mix. There are many different types and brands of studio headphones on the market, so it can be difficult to know which ones are the best for mixing.

In this article, we will discuss the factors you should consider when choosing studio headphones for mixing, and we will recommend some of the best models available. We will also provide tips on how to use studio headphones for mixing effectively.

Best Studio Headphones For Mixing 2023 Comparison Table

PhotoName Check priceBrand Features
AKG pro audio K240 STUDIO professional studio headphones
Check Price
AKG STORE• 3m replaceable cable
• Perfect for portable audio
• Gimbal type suspension
• Sensitive
Oneodio monitor 80 open back headphones
Check Price
Oneodio store• Open back studio headphones
• 250ohm nominal impedance
• 40mm driver
• Exceptional wearing comfort
• Adapter free
Oneodio wired over ear headphones sudio monitor & mixing dj stereo
Check Price
Oneodio store• Bass sound
• Built to stay comfortable
• No more adapter
• Single side monitoring
AUDIO TECHNICA ATH M20X Professional studio monitor headphones
Check Price
Audio technica  STORE• Durable design
• Excellent sound isolation
• Provided accessory
• Single side cable exit
• Affordable price
Mchoi hard portable case Studio headphones
Check Price
Mchai• Great portability
• Super soft fabric
• 100 percent safe
• High grade Eva condition
• Special zipper
TASCAM TH MX2 closed back studio mixing headphones
Check Price
TASCAM STORE• Lightweight
• Closed back design
• Stylish comfort
• adjustable arms
• dynamic tranducer
Beyerdynamic DT 900 Pro x open back studio headphones
Check Price
Beyerdynamic store• Full flexibility
• Maximum wearing comfort
• Excellent workmanship
• Sustainability
• Made in garmay
Neumann NDH 20 closed back monitoring professional studioheadphones
Check Price
Sennheiser pro audio store• Premium quality
• Easy transportation
• Transparent sound
• Liner sound balance
• Long term comfort
Moukey studio monitor headphones
Check Price
Moukey store• Compatibility
• Single side monitoring
• 2 in one plug
• Comfortable and u]durable
• Higfh quality stereo sound
BOYA professional wired over ear studio headphones

Check Price
BOYA STORE• Monitoring headphones
• 100% stronger bass sound
• Built to stay comfortable
• Compatibility
• Soft and comfortable

1) Pro Professional Studio Headphones By AKG

Check Price

The AKG STUDIO headphones are professional-grade over-ear headphones that offer a comfortable, accurate listening experience. With their gold-plated 3.5mm stereo plug and replaceable cable, they’re built for durability and long-term use. And with their Bluetooth connectivity, they’re perfect for use with any compatible devices.

2) Monitor 80 Open Back Headphones By OneOdio

Check Price

The OneOdio Monitor 80 open back headphones are the perfect choice for mixing and mastering audio. These headphones have been certified by the Hi-Res Audio Association, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible sound quality. The 250 ohm nominal impedance ensures that your audio will be clear and well-balanced, while the 40mm driver delivers exceptional detail and clarity. 

The advanced high-precision etched diaphragms are protected by an aluminum honeycomb housing, which provides superior durability. The headphones also feature a customizable fit and exceptional wearing comfort thanks to the soft-to-the-touch velour ear pads.

3) Wired Over Ear Headphones By OneOdio

Check Price

OneOdio has been in the audio industry for quite some time now and is known for manufacturing high-quality headphones. The Wired Over Ear Headphones by OneOdio are no different and are some of the best studio headphones for mixing that you can get your hands on. These headphones come with 50 millimeter speaker units that deliver a clear and powerful sound. The bass response on these headphones is also quite impressive and will surely add an extra oomph to your mixes.

Another great thing about these headphones is that they are built to be extremely comfortable. The ear cups are soft and padded, and the headband is adjustable so that you can find the perfect fit. The 90° swiveling ear cups also allow for single-side monitoring, which is a huge plus. The Wired Over Ear Headphones by OneOdio are also quite durable and can withstand heavy use. This is thanks to the strong and sturdy build of the headphones.

4) ATH-M20X Studio Headphones By Audio-Technica

Check Price

The ATH-M20x are excellent studio headphones for beginners. With 40 millimeter drivers and rare earth magnets, they feature a high build quality. Low frequency performance is improved by the copper covered aluminum wire voice coils. The single side cable exit is easy, and the circumaural design curves around the ears for comfort. These headphones include a 3.5mm connector and are suited for mixing.

These headphones are an excellent choice for those just starting out in music production. They offer great build quality and features at a very reasonable price point. If you’re looking for a good pair of entry-level studio headphones, the ATH-M20x are definitely worth considering.

5) DT 990 Pro Over-Ear Studio Headphones For Mixing By Beyerdynamic

Check Price

The DT 990 Pro over-ear headphones by beyerdynamic are perfect for use in the studio thanks to their transparent, spacious, and strong bass and treble sound. The soft, circumaural replaceable velour ear pads provide high wearing comfort, while the hard-wearing, durable, and robust workmanship ensures that these headphones will last for years to come. Made in Germany, the DT 990 Pro over-ear headphones are a great choice for any serious musician or producer.

6) Open-Back Studio Headphones By Beyerdynamic

Check Price

The Beyerdynamic open-back studio headphones are some of the best that you will find on the market. They boast a number of features that make them ideal for mixing, including their earcup housings being completely closed off in order to retain air and ensure sound permeability. 

Additionally, their sound properties are powerful and vibrant, making them perfect for picking up all the nuances in your music. Plus, the spacious and transparent design of these headphones lend themselves well to mixing, allowing you to hear all the elements of your track clearly.

Best Studio Headphones For Mixing 2023 Buying Guide

What Is A Studio Headphone For Mixing?

A studio headphone is a device that helps you hear sounds clearly and accurately. It is primarily used in music production, recording, and mixing. A good quality studio headphone can make a huge difference in the quality of your work.

Any musician, sound engineer, or music producer worth their salt knows that having a great set of studio headphones is an essential part of getting the best possible sound. While there are many different types and brands of headphones out there, not all of them are created equal when it comes to mixing.

Different Types Of Studio Headphones For Mixing

Headphones come in all shapes and sizes, and there are a few different types that are designed specifically for mixing audio. Here is a quick rundown of the most popular types of studio headphones for mixing:

1. Over-ear headphones

These are the largest type of headphones and they completely encase your ears. They provide the best isolation from outside noise and usually have the best sound quality, making them ideal for mixing.

2. On-ear headphones

These are smaller than over-ear headphones and rest on top of your ears instead of around them. They don’t provide as much isolation from outside noise but they’re still good for mixing.

3. In-ear headphones

These are the smallest type of headphones and they fit inside your ear canal. They provide the least amount of isolation from outside noise but they’re still good for mixing if you’re in a quiet environment.

What Makes Studio Headphones For Mixing Unique?

Studio headphones for mixing have several unique features that make them stand out from other types of headphones. For starters, they are designed to provide a flat frequency response, which is essential for getting an accurate mix. 

They also tend to be very comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and their ear cups often swivel so that you can get a perfect fit. Finally, many studio headphones for mixing come with detachable cables, which is handy if you need to replace them or want to use a different length.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Studio Headphones For Mixing

Now that you know the different types of studio headphones available in the market, it’s time to learn about the factors you need to consider before buying one. This will help you choose the right pair of headphones for your needs and budget.

1. Comfort

This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing studio headphones for mixing. You need to make sure that the headphones are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They should also be lightweight and have soft earpads.

2. Sound Quality

Of course, you want to buy studio headphones for mixing that produce great sound quality. Look for headphones with a high-frequency response and low distortion. These features will ensure that you get clear and accurate sound.

3. Noise Cancellation

If you want to focus on your work and avoid distractions, then look for headphones with noise cancellation features. This feature will help to block out external noise so that you can concentrate on your work.

4. Durability

Since you will be using your studio headphones for mixing frequently, it is important to choose a pair that is durable and can withstand wear and tear. Look for headphones made with high-quality materials such as metal or plastic.

5. Budget

Finally, consider your budget when choosing studio headphones for mixing. There are many great options available at different price points. Choose the best pair of headphones that you can afford without breaking the bank.

What Are The Benefits Of Studio Headphones For Mixing?

As a mixing engineer, you know that having a great pair of studio headphones is an essential part of your toolkit. But what are the benefits of studio headphones for mixing? Let’s take a look.

First and foremost, studio headphones allow you to hear things that you can’t hear with other types of headphones. This is because studio headphones are designed to reproduce sound as accurately as possible. If you’re trying to mix a song, you need to be able to hear all of the elements clearly so that you can make the necessary adjustments.

Another benefit of studio headphones for mixing is that they help you focus on your work. When you’re in the studio, there are a lot of distractions – from the outside world and from other people in the studio. But when you’re wearing headphones, all of those distractions disappear and you can really focus on your work.

Finally, studio headphones for mixing also provide isolation from external noise. If you’re working in a noisy environment, it can be difficult to hear what you’re doing. But with studio headphones, the noise is isolated so you can hear your mix clearly.

How To Clean Studio Headphones For Mixing?

Headphones are an essential part of any studio, and it’s important to keep them clean so they can last longer and sound their best. Here are a few tips on how to clean studio headphones for mixing:

  1. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe down the headphone cups and headband.
  2. If there is any dirt or debris stuck in the crevices of the headphones, use a cotton swab or toothpick to gently remove it.
  3. Never use water or cleaning solutions on your headphones, as this could damage them.
  4. If your headphones start to smell bad, you can lightly sprinkle some baking soda on them and let it sit for a few hours before vacuum-sealing it up.

With these tips, you can keep your studio headphones clean and sounding great for years to come!

How To Maintain Studio Headphones For Mixing?

When it comes to mixing, there is no question that having a great set of studio headphones is an important part of the process. However, keeping those headphones in good condition can be just as important. Here are some tips on how to maintain studio headphones for mixing:

1. Avoid using them in dusty or dirty environments.

This seems like common sense, but it’s worth repeating. Dust and dirt can damage the delicate components of your headphones and lead to sound quality issues. If you’re going to be mixing in a less than ideal environment, make sure to clean your headphones often.

2. Don’t leave them plugged in when not in use.

Leaving your headphones plugged into an audio source when you’re not using them can put unnecessary strain on the cables and connectors. This can lead to damage over time.

3. Be careful with the volume.

Listening to music at high volumes can damage your hearing, and it can also damage your headphones. If you’re going to be mixing for long periods of time, make sure to take breaks and keep the volume at a reasonable level.

4. Store them properly when not in use.

When you’re not using your headphones, make sure to store them in a safe place where they won’t get knocked around or damaged. Putting them in a case or pouch will help protect them from getting scratched or dented.

5. Clean them regularly.

Dust and dirt can build up on your headphones over time, so it’s important to clean them on a regular basis. A simple wipe down with a soft cloth should do the trick.

Following these simple tips will help you keep your studio headphones in good condition for years to come. Taking care of your headphones will ensure that they provide you with the best possible sound quality when you’re mixing.

Additional Tips When Using Studio Headphones For Mixing

  • Use the volume control on your headphones to find a comfortable listening level.
  • When mixing, it’s important to take frequent breaks to give your ears a rest.
  • Most studio headphones have a frequency response that extends beyond the range of human hearing.
  • However, some people may find that certain frequencies are too loud or overwhelming when wearing headphones. If this is the case, try using an equalizer to adjust the sound of your headphones.
  • Wearing headphones for long periods of time can be uncomfortable. To help alleviate this, try wearing them around your neck or investing in a pair of over-ear headphones that are designed for comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Worth It To Buy Studio Headphones For Mixing?

If you are serious about music production, then studio headphones are a must-have. They provide accurate sound reproduction and allow you to hear the smallest details in your mix. This allows you to make informed decisions about EQ, compression, and other critical mixing parameters.

How Much Does  A Good Pair Of Studio Headphones Cost?

A good pair of studio headphones will cost you around $100. However, there are some high-end models that can cost upwards of $300.

Do I Need A Dedicated DAC/Headphone Amp To Drive My Studio Headphones?

No, you don’t need a dedicated DAC or headphone amp to drive your studio headphones. Any decent-quality audio interface will have plenty of power to drive them.

Can I Use My Regular Headphones For Mixing?

Yes, you can use regular headphones for mixing, but they won’t provide the same level of accuracy as studio headphones. If you’re on a budget, then regular headphones are a perfectly acceptable option.

Can You Use Studio Headphones For Monitoring While Recording?

Yes, you can use studio headphones for monitoring while recording. This way, you can hear the smallest details in your performance and make sure that everything is being captured accurately.

Do Studio Headphones Come With A Warranty?

Yes, most studio headphones come with a one-year warranty. However, some high-end models may have a longer warranty period.

What Is The Difference Between Open-Back And Closed-Back Headphones?

Open-back headphones have vents that allow air to circulate around the drivers. This gives them a more open sound with better stereo imaging. Closed-back headphones seal the drivers off from the outside world, which results in better isolation and bass response.

Is It Safe To Use Studio Headphones For Mixing?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use studio headphones for mixing. In fact, many professional mix engineers prefer to use headphones because they allow you to hear the smallest details in your mix.

Final Thoughts

Studio Headphones are an important part of any music producer or engineer’s toolkit. A good pair of mixing headphones can help you hear nuances in the music that you may not be able to pick up with standard speakers. With so many different options on the market, it can be tough to choose the right pair for your needs.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you narrow down the field and find the best studio headphones for mixing that are perfect for your workflow.

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